DTG EM (Detox) Spray

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Increases up to 50% of Mileage of any type of VEHICLE

DTG Fuel Saver Spray is an innovation which increases potential of natural extracts like petrol, diesel, kerosene, gas. This product is made up from herbal components. With the use of DTG fuel saver one can improve the mileage of their vehicle.

Benefits :

  • It improves 20% to 30% of mileage of any 2-wheelar or 4-wheelar
  • Also helpful for CNG vehicle, increases up to 50% of mileage
  • Improves performance of LPG till 40 %
  • Saves kerosene up to 50%

How to Use ?

For Petrol & Diesel :

Open the tanks of petrol and diesel vehicles and spray it; For 2 wheeler: spray it 3 times and for 4 wheelers: spray it 6 times at an angle of 90 degree

For LPG :

On LPG cylinder spray it 6 times while installing

For CNG Use :

CNG users should spray while refilling the CNG every 6 times from 90 degree

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