Vokin Biotech 100% Pure and Natural Spirulina 500mg 60 Capsules Dietary Supplement

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Product description

Spirulina often gets misclassified as an herb because of its amazing health promoting properties, but it’s actually a bacteria, or a blue-green algae that’s found in pristine freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers. It is most commonly recognized as one of the world’s most nutritionally complete superfoods, as it offers health benefits to practically every organ and bodily function.Spirulina is an excellent supplement for those looking to improve their eye health. This blue-green algae is very rich in vitamin A, and this vitamin is exceptionally important for healthy eyes.Spirulina is one of the leading sources of Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents in nature.

Product details

  • Item part number: VKS06
  • ASIN: B075HFG2NL
  • Muscle Strength and Endurance May Improve
  • Spirulina is Extremely High in Many Nutrients
  • Spirulina Protects LDL Cholesterol From Becoming Oxidized
  • Spirulina Appears to Have Anti-Cancer Properties, Especially Against Oral Cancer
  • Studies Show That it May Reduce Blood Pressure
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